Better Start

BETTER START is a project, which is specially made for pregnant women and women with infants from different cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds, who live in Austria without a health insurance. 

The main focus of the project is on the groups for mums-to-be and breast-feeding mothers without insurance, which are multilingual and directly health enhancing.

Basically everyone who lives in poverty (irrespective of insurance status) can call upon the offerings of „BETTER START“. Consequently it is not a requirement to be a patient of AmberMed.


Because of the women’s health groups, which are part of the MEDUNA Project, we realized that a lot of our patients do not have enough and not the necessary knowledge regarding certain topics, such as pregnancy, birth, postpartum period, development of infants and breast-feeding.

We also realized that there are a lot of pregnant and breast-feeding women, who are still heavy smokers. Moreover experience has shown that even amongst women, who live in severe poverty, breast-feeding is not a common thing.

But on the other side we also realized that mums-to-be and breast-feeding women, who live in such circumstances, particularly have an open mind for a healthier life style, which ensures a better start into life for the newborn baby.

 Our work comprises these areas:

  • Pregnancy groups, guided by a midwife
  • Women’s groups for breast-feeding mothers
  • Groups for quitting smoking
  • Creating new information material specially made for Migrants living in poverty and contains following topics: healthcare during pregnancy, birth and lactation period.


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