Ambermed works with incredibly little resources:

  • The staff consists of volunteer workers who work during their free time

  • Specialist doctors and medical institutions help by ensuring advanced diagnostics and treatment for free, even during costly services.

  • Medicine comes from generous donations, without which it would become difficult to provide treatment for diseases and conditions.

  • Free medical aids, like sunglasses and walkers help to support the healing process of our patients as well as orthopedics.

  • Other companies provide us with medical equipment whose maintenance is dependent on further donations.

To ensure AmberMed’s further operation, we require financial support. In part it is financed by public funds from the Vienna Health insurance, and the Fund Social Vienna, as well as the Federal Ministry of Health. The MEDUNA project is financed by the fund for a Healthy Austria, but the greater part of funding must be covered by private donations. Numerous private donors, corporate donations and sponsors ensure the continued existence of Ambermed.