MEDUNA –Insurance for uninsured women

Meduna is a project to promote health for women and families from different cultural and social backgrounds living in Austria without insurance.

The offer covers direct health care for both uninsured women and their families

How did the Meduna project start?

Statistics show that people living below the poverty line are three times less healthy than people with high incomes. They are more likely to die and become sick far more often due to their unhealthy lifestyle.

Our team has found that the health situation of women is especially vulnerable. The burdens of child care, family responsibilities, external fears and poor working conditions lead to stress related symptoms. The patient is often aware that their health is at risk, but is forced to continue with these stressful behaviors to maintain an income for their family.

It seems appropriate to Ambermed to target specifically the disease prevention in women, because women are mainly responsible for taking care of the family.

Our target groups are: Uninsured women with an immigrant background and their faimilies

Uninsured pregnant women and young mothers with immigrant backgrounds

Uninsured women with immigrant backgrounds and chronic diseases

Physicians and medical practices with and interest in caring for immigrants

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