Social Counseling

It is possible to get social counseling which will be recorded for your benefit. Trained staff ask targeted questions to help clarify the need for a structured counseling session. Usually, the reason the patient is uninsured, their housing situation, and their legal status, will be asked to clarify the patient’s situation. During the consultation, it may happen that the patient needs an interview with a social worker, this will be provided. Depending on patient needs, interpreters are available, and we may consult family members or other trusted third parties to assist.

The services of social workers offered include

  • Clarification on possible health issues

  • Specially tailored counciling sessions

  • Transfer to non-profit organizations for people in need

  • Help with costs incurred by medical treatments

  • Assistance in obtaining free or lower cost of necessary medical aids (glasses, braces etc)

  • Identification of realistic perspectives on life

  • Women's Counselling

  • Social crisis intervention

Social counseling is offered during the following times with no appointment nessecary

General Medical ordination - without reservation :


08:30 - 11:00 clock

Bulgarian interpreters from 9:00 clock

Chinese interpreters from 10:00 clock

please ask: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian translation

Tuesday 08:30 - 11:00 clock

Romanian interpreters from 9:00 clock


13:30 - 16:00 clock

Chinese interpreters from 14:00 clock

please ask: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Russian translation


08:30 - 11:00 clock

Russian interpreters from 9:00 clock