Who we are

Help without Insurance

More and more people fall through the cracks oft he socal net and are wtihout insurance coverage. According to Armutskonferenz"Over 100000 Immigrants, Asylum seekers and Austrian citizens, men women and children have no health insurance. Many of our patiens come from other cultures and do not speak german well. Their attitude towards health, sickness and treament is usually different. Because of their legal status, they have no access to public healthcare and live in poor conditions. They cannot afford medicine and treatment.

Project Amber was launched on January 12th trhough the Diakonie Refugee Service. At first the program treated primarily the many homeless and the uninsured asylum seekers; Over time uninsured Austrians as well as immigrants also came to ambermed tobe insured. Since August 2006, Amber has been cooperating with the Austrian Red Cross and the Diokonie Refugee Service under the name AmberMed.

AmberMed relies heavily on external financial support In order to maintain its operations. Part of our funding comes from the public funds of the Vienna Health Insurance the Vienna Social Fund and the Federal Ministry of Health. The MEDUNA project is also co-financed by the Fund for a health Austria. However the biggest portion of our funding comes from private donations, which help to insure the continued existence of AmberMed

The AmberMed Team thanks you on behalf of our patients.